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Clifford's Army Rescue - 1st annual extravaganza a hit! - Shelby, NC

Volunteers Needed for ALL Sorts of Jobs!
Clifford's Army Rescue Extravaganza, Public Domain

JUST RELEASED - A tentative date for the 2nd Annual "Clifford's Army Rescue Extravaganza" in Shelby, North Carolina has been set for Saturday, April 13, 2013, at the Cleveland County Fairgrounds in Shelby, North Carolina.

With a requested Admission Fee of just $5 -OR- a five pound bag of dog or cat food, the 1st Annual event was held just this past Saturday, April 28th, at the same location. Although there was a lot of competition for attendance this past Saturday, a good turn-out was experienced and fun was had by all.

A few of the area Businesses that sponsored the event include Shelby's Uptown Pet Shop, RollOver, Shelby's Just Us Kids, and King's Mountain Park Your Bark. A HUGE thank you is sent out to all of the volunteers not only for their many months of hard work but also for their donations of supplies and materials, as well as participation in events.

Clifford's Army Rescue was named after a Golden Retriever who found himself at Cleveland County Animal Control. The Clifford Fund was established to help fund medical needs of shelter animals, but raising money to help with medical expenses for shelter animals is only part of the plan. There is still a need to EDUCATE people to spay/neuter, vaccinate, tag, and microchip. The cry of "ADOPT, NOT SHOP" needs to be picked up and carried throughout North Carolina. The Cleveland County Humane Society works to find homes for animals through rescues, other shelters, and adoptions by individuals. You may find a list of adoptable animals at

In 2011, over 6000 animals were euthanized in Cleveland County alone. Although Animal Control and other efforts such as the local chapter of The Humane Society try to keep those numbers low, it is up to individuals in the community to take up the responsibility where those other efforts must leave off, and help animals that have been abandoned to find forever homes.


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