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ClickZ's San Francisco conference and how that helps with seo business choices

SEO conference helps in seo choices
SEO conference helps in seo choices
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ClickZ, formerly SES (Search Engine Strategies) is having a conference next week in San Francisco. Their motto is "The Global Conference Series Designed by Digital Marketers, for Digital Marketers." This is an excellent reflection on how the approach to search engine optimization (SEO) has evolved beyond the search engine discussion alone, to include social media marketing and much more, in this digital realm of the internet.

Even Forbes is getting in on this educational discussion of the integrated sciences of social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, and all things digital.

Search engine optimization is not the same as it was years ago and it is moving closer and closer to social media marketing. According to The Guardian, that line between firms performing services in each of these arenas is getting smaller and smaller, while the science of digital marketing becomes more integrated in its approach to internet marketing.

As a business owner, this presents a couple of options. One option is to educate oneself and attend a conference like ClickZ to understand that next generation search and to learn how to keep up with the trend of search engine optimization and how things are ever-changing. However, is there really enough time to run a company and learn everything there is to know about SEO, as it is changing right under our noses? Even with attending this helpful conference, there is still the question of whether or not the entire scope of internet marketing can be learned, in a short time, from a novice starting point.

The other option is to hire a firm that is keeping on top of all of the changes and trends that impact businesses online. Even in this approach, there needs to be an educated process of choosing a firm. Just because the firm indicates that they are "SEO Experts" does not necessarily confirm that they understand all of the caveats that exist in today's digital world.

One company that has a handle on SEO and all of its ever-changing trends is The Aussie SEO. One of the advantages to working with an online company is that they can be located anywhere in the world and still be hired to work for the benefit of companies located anywhere where there is an internet connection.

When looking for an SEO agency, a company will want to evaluate the expertise of that firm. In the case of The Aussie SEO, they lay out common concerns and how they are going to address those concerns, right on their "about us" page. This allows the potential client to see that this company is paying attention to the changing trends and is addressing them. In addition, this SEO company presents examples of work that has been done for other clients. They also invite a consultation, so that the potential client has the opportunity to ask the questions directly and feel comfortable with building a trusting business relationship.

The main thing to avoid, as a business owner, is hiring a company only because they indicate that they are the "search engine optimization expert." If time and money is not an issue, attending the ClickZ conference is a great way to understand what sort of firm is needed to cover the business marketing needs of the client company. Then, armed with that information, find a company that understands the search engine landscape and is keeping up with all of the changes, even in between ClickZ conferences!

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