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Clever household tips you probably never knew before: 3

Now that spring is just around the corner, we can expect an increase in the bug population. While they are important to the ecosystem, they are not essential members of my household.

Matchbook - put in container (at top) of items likely to draw mealybugs
It's not fun to open rice, cereal, flour, etc. to find mealyworms crawling around!

The March 15, 2014 edition of Bottom Line Personal shared 22 household tips provided by Julie Edelman, author of The Accidental Housewife. None of them will involve you having to purchase repair kits or special tools. Those related to keeping the bugs away are shared below:

Deter mealybugs with matchbooks – The problem with mealybugs is they can hide out in your pantry without you ever knowing it. To keep them from flourishing, remove flour, rice and cereal from their original packaging right after you bring them home and place them in Tupperware-like containers. As an extra precaution, place a matchbook on top of the food before sealing. The sulfur repels the mealybugs.

Kill fruit flies with red wine – Fruit flies probably love fermented grapes more than you. Fill a glass with one-half inch of leftover red wine. Tightly cover the top of the glass with plastic wrap. Poke small holes in the wrap so that the flies discover a one-way ticket inside.

Repel ants, fleas and roaches with citrus rinds – Bugs hat D-limonene, normally found in the oil in lemon and orange rinds. Place pieces of rind where these pests are likely to enter, such as door and window openings and ledges…cracks between kitchen cabinets…and holes in floors. Replace every few days, as needed.

Ward off booklice with silica packets – Those little packets of silica that arrive in the packaging of electronics, shoes, nutritional supplements, etc. do serve a purpose – they absorb moisture. Booklice live in the damp fungus and mold that thrives in books. Instead of tossing them away, place those silica packets behind the books, and anywhere you suspect moisture. If you’ve already tossed all your packets, they are available at

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