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Clever household tips you probably never knew before: 2

There always seems to be something that needs to be fixed no matter how new your place is; however, there is not always money to have someone else to do it. You would consider doing it yourself, if you just knew how.

cut the eraser off a pencil and use it for the missing back of an earring
cut the eraser off a pencil and use it for the missing back of an earring
Hurry and learn how to save money by doing your own repairs!

The March 15, 2014 edition of Bottom Line Personal shared 22 household tips provided by Julie Edelman, author of The Accidental Housewife. None of them will involve you having to purchase repair kits or special tools. Those related to fix-its are shared below:

Fix holes in screens with dental floss – Small holes in window or door screens can be mended using dental floss. Weave in and out or with a sewing needle, then tie up the ends.

Mend minor cracks in fine china with milk – Milk contains casein, a protein that, when heated, turns into a natural plastic-like glue. Place your cracked dish in a pan or pot large enough to cover it completely in milk. Bring the milk to a boil, and then reduce it to a simmer. Let it simmer 45 – 60 minutes, then let the milk cool. Rinse the plate. The crack should be sealed.

Quiet squeaky doors with cucumber – If you have squeaky doors, take a slice of cucumber and rub it up and down several times, all around the hinge. Remove the excess with a clean cloth.

Replace lost earring backs with pencil erasers – Snip off the tip of a pencil eraser, and use it to temporarily replace a lost back so that you can wear the earring until you replace the back.