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Cleveland, Tennessee's Perry Stone makes sensational statements

Perry Stone
Perry Stone
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Perry Stone is an evangelist based out of Cleveland, TN. His ministry is called Voice of Evangelism and he also has a tv show called Manna Fest. This show is found on the TBN network.

On March 19-21 he held a Cleveland event about Israel and America. I don't know enough about this ministry to know if it is biblically sound or not, but here are some of the things he said:

The ark of the covenant is hidden in Jerusalem. It was never taken to Ethiopia by the Queen of Sheba, Stone attests because the Levitical priests would never let a woman take the ark. According to a Rabbi Getz  who was excavating  in Jersusalem in the 1980's, the ark is under the Temple Mount. He said that he saw the golden cherubim. The excavators were trying to get closer when the Muslims heard about it and said they would riot. So the tunnel was sealed up and  no one knows for certain if that is the location for the ark.

Stone states that Hitler said in his own diaries that he had a spear that gave him power. He said that it was the spear that was plunged into Christ's side and helped him to rise from an obscure wallpaper hanger to the dictator of Europe. The Americans captured the spear and it was placed in the Pentagon.It was during this time that they bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The spear was later returned to Austria and is in a museum.

Stone also talked about a 1930s missionary in Tibet who ministered to Buddhists. The Buddhists have a lot of demonic spirits. At that period of time the Buddhist priests were agitated. 30,000 of the spirits left Tibet and went to Europe to aid in Hitler's destruction of the world. The missionary allegedly recorded this fact.

I'm just repeating what Stone said at the conference. Check it out for yourself. They are some interesting statements nonetheless.   


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