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Cleveland Sports Roundup: Kevin Kolb, Mike Brown and the ‘Windians’

Former Cavs coach Mike Brown will be the Lakers new head coach.
Former Cavs coach Mike Brown will be the Lakers new head coach.
Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

With no one sports story dominating the Cleveland landscape it’s a fine time to tackle a couple of stories that have been percolating in the media the last few days. First up…

The Kevin Kolb rumors

Seems like every day, there’s a new rumor going around about where Eagles QB Kevin Kolb will end up now that Michael Vick has ascended to the role of starter. Apparently now it’s the Cleveland Browns turn.

A recent interview from Mike Lombardi, the NFL Network’s personnel expert, targets the Browns as the softest landing spot for Kolb:

"I'm going to go Cleveland....I'm not buying the Colt McCoy love affair going on in Cleveland. I don't know how you can have the love affair. I think with the extra pick they got from Atlanta that first rounder is going to be hard to beat them in a poker game. I think it's a smart move for them it fits what they want to do offensively.”

Admittedly, it has to be difficult come up with new programming on the NFL Network when the NFL is in the midst of a never-ending lockout. The talking heads will say anything to fill air time.

Browns fans shouldn’t put too much stock into this. Bringing in Kolb would only manufacture another quarterback controversy. You can almost see the camera shot of Colt McCoy on the sideline, staring blankly toward the field after another Kolb interception or sack. And it’s very unlikely the Browns would trade the pick they acquired from Atlanta, a pick they don’t even know the full value of, to create another Quinn/Anderson or Couch/Holcomb situation.

Plus, there’s still that whole lockout thing going on. Makes trading players a little difficult at the moment.

Mike Brown to coach the Lakers

This one might come as a surprise, but on Wednesday Mike Brown was announced as the successor to Phil Jackson for the head coaching job in Los Angeles. No joke.

Brown of course was the beleaguered head coach of the Cavaliers from 2005 to 2010. During his time in Cleveland, he coached LeBron James to superstar status, and then watched him take control of and eventually quit on the team. It’s hard to imagine things being much different in LA with Kobe Bryant and company, except maybe that Kobe will be pulling the strings from day one.

Still, we should wish the best for Brown. He’s a good man and probably a better coach than he’s given credit for. Plus there’s always a chance he could be facing off against Cleveland’s favorite NBA villain in next season’s Finals.

‘WINdians’ as a nickname

Even though they just lost 14-2 to the Red Sox on Wednesday, the Cleveland Indians still hold the best record in baseball. With the team turning skeptics into believers, it’s high time this group of overachievers was given a nickname.

And WINdians is so obvious, it’s perfect.

The nickname has been circulating through blogs and message boards for weeks. It’s even spawned a T-shirt.

And speaking of tees, the Indians will face a trio of them when they square off against Tampa, Toronto and Texas in their next three series. The schedule only gets more difficult after that, with road games against the Yankees and Tigers on the horizon.

Hopefully the new nickname still rings true in July.


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