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Cleveland's Year of Zero Waste: Will it be yours?

We throw something in the trash can or recycling bin or even the compost bin so many times a day without much thought. The City of Cleveland is thinking about waste this year and their initiative can help you think more on your waste too.

Sustainable Cleveland, a division of the Cleveland City Government, has been holding celebration years to focus on specific green topics since 2011. Two thousand fourteen is the Year of Zero Waste. The City will focus not only on having Zero Waste events and challenging the community to use less and waste less but to focus also on stopping waste at the source by buying products with less packaging and disposing of items that might be harder to dispose of such as hazardous waste or e-waste.

The concept of zero waste is to recycle or compost nearly all "trash" from an event or building with only 10% ending up in a landfill. Sustainable Cleveland has stated that "Reducing the amount of waste that we send to landfills not only improves human health and saves money, it is also a driver for economic development."

The accompanying video states that studies show that the earth will be at our peak waste capacity at 2100, not that far away. You can make a small impact with your waste to push that year back just a bit.

Will you take the Zero Waste challenge for your upcoming party, meeting or maybe even take it further to keep your home as close to Zero Waste as possible? Check out the Zero Waste tips from Sustainable Cleveland here. Find some tips on creating a Zero Waste event at the StarkSCENES website here.

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