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Cleveland's end of February trend

Working out is easier in Cleveland than Japan.
Working out is easier in Cleveland than Japan.
(AP Photo/Ahn Young-joon

The big trend in Cleveland fitness in the beginning of each year, seems to be: going to the gym less often. It's getting colder, the holidays are over and people just find less reasons to go to the gym. In December and January and the early parts of February, everyone that goes to the gym on a year-long basis can attest to the fact that this is the busiest time of the year for any workout facility. Waiting 20 minutes for a machine can be annoying, but don't you feel good that other people are enjoying the gym as much as you?  

Everyone knows the reason for the huge influx of people during this time; the holiday cookies your mother makes, the extra servings of gravy, the pork and saurkraut, they all can definitely add up. While these foods are delicious, and you are probably salivating just thinking about next years' holiday offerings, they contribute to a couple things:

1. They help you to grow. Unlike eating your peas when you were younger, these foods generally now help you to grow out and not up.

2. All that food and constant snacking makes you feel guilty.

These are the two basic reasons why the gym, that generally looks like a ghosttown, is now like a Giant Eagle grocery store on the eve of Thanksgiving. However, it seems that after just two or three months the guilt wears off, and getting home to do your errands or  just telling yourself, "I'll work out tomorrow", seem a more viable option.

The next time you want to follow the same old trend of the 3 month workout, just remember if you think you will work out tomorrow, you won't. If you think that you are just too busy, you're probably not. You weren't too busy in January and February, what makes you think you're too busy now? Unless you're Toyota's CEO, this time of the year is no busier than before, so just keep your promise to yourself and continue going to the gym. Come November, you will be glad you did. Extra gravy anyone?


  • FitnessGuru 5 years ago

    This is the worst article I've ever read. What was the point and where is it going? There is absoultely zero information on trends contrary to what the title suggests.

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