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Cleveland Museum of Natural History new exhibit Let's Get Active

Let's Get Active
Let's Get Active
Photo by Matthew Peyton/Getty Images for Neuro Drinks

Move it or Lose it! is the theme for this special exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Running February 5th thru May 8th, this exhibit shows how being active can improve your mood, slow aging, ward off disease, lose weight and more. Cleveland area residents of all ages are encouraged to participate in the "new medicine" of being active.

Let’s Get Active features 11 fun interactive areas:

Animal Motion - walk like an animal

Balancing Act - how long can you stay on the circular balance board?

Be Flexible - the classic sit and reach test and where you rank

The Power of Exercise - prevent or delay diseases

Sports Nutrition Food: Fact & Fiction

Hop to Healthy Bones - electronic jump roping fun

Moving to a Healthier Life - choices to make during a typical week

Screen Time - How much time watching tv?

Test Your Strength - wall squats, grip strength, and sit ups

Using Energy - How many calories does that burn?

Fitness Fads & Facts - vintage fitness equipment fad or useful trend?

Directions, Pricing & Hours

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History is located at: 1 Wade Oval Drive, University Circle, Cleveland, Ohio 44106

Special East Blvd. closing information.

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