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Cleveland man receives maximum sentence for animal cruelty

Four dogs were kept in small cages with no water
Cleveland Animal Protective League

A sixty-three year old Cleveland man was sentenced to six months in jail for animal cruelty on Wednesday, reports the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Willie Powell Jr. was charged with four counts of animal cruelty and four counts of animal neglect. Powell received the maximum sentence for animal cruelty, which is a first degree misdemeanor in the state of Ohio.

In February, Cleveland Animal Protective League humane investigators responding to a complaint discovered four dogs living in terrible conditions. The four emaciated and dehydrated pit bulls were found in small cages which were reportedly filled with their own waste. The dogs had no food or water. The Cleveland APL took in the dogs and provided them with food and care.

One of the dogs had to be put down because it was deemed too aggressive. Two others were adopted, and a rescue took the fourth in order to give it behavioral training.

This was not the first time Powell was arrested for cruelty to animals. In 2001, Powell was charged but found not guilty of animal cruelty.

Powell’s sentence includes five years of probation, during which time he cannot own any animals.

“We applaud Judge Adrine’s ruling and consider it to be a very positive step in making our community a safer and better place for animals and people alike,” APL President & CEO Sharon Harvey said in a post on the APL’s Facebook page. “By handing down the strongest possible sentence for jail time, Judge Adrine sent a clear message that these animals deserved justice.”

If you would like to donate to the APL so more animals (such as the dogs mentioned in this article) can be helped, make a donation to the Cleveland APL by clicking here.

See dogs, cats and other animals awaiting adoption on the Cleveland Animal Protective League’s Facebook page.

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