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Cleveland Heath What a Treat

A contast staple
A contast staple

On Main Street in Edwardsville, Illinois is an unexpected surprise. A restaurant not expected to be found in a town less than 25,000. Cleveland Heath (the name came from the last names of each of the 2 chefs/owners) offers an ever changing menu with an emphasis on locally grown items.

It is a tight fit in a snug and usually crowded setting, but it makes for a great dining experience. The food is superb and the entire staff is knowledgeable about the menu. Asking questions is encouraged even when sitting at the bar waiting for the next available table. They aren't really set up to accommodate large parties, as space is limited. However, the flow of customers seems to be constant, yet unhurried. Good for those waiting for a table and for those already seated. Not accepting reservations adds to the crowd.

Cleveland Heath changes their menu about every 6 months. Some things are a constant though...such as the amazing Kale Salad. Seriously, who gets people this excited about kale salad! For vegan guests, Cleveland-Heath substitutes toasted walnuts for parmesan chips. Heath says, “We take people’s food requirements really, really — really — seriously. Vegans and vegetarians. Gluten-free. Food allergies.”

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Interesting and unique food in every category. And items that you expect to be the same old same old have unusual twists. Such as the french fries, which are a mixture of white russet potatoes and sweet potatoes. For those interested in the alcohol portion of the restaurant, the beer beer menu is respectable and the wines look well-chosen. 
 Jenny Cleveland devotes a lot of time sourcing great , but many times obscure, bottled beers and wines. The beverage menus change more than the food menu. For the non-alcohol options, the choices are locally made Excel sodas. Excel sodas are made in Breese, Illinois and use real cane sugar.