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Cleveland Cavaliers Stage Comeback!

Rajon Rondo impersonating a Cavs' fan. (Okay maybe this is from the Cavs blowing out Boston.)
Rajon Rondo impersonating a Cavs' fan. (Okay maybe this is from the Cavs blowing out Boston.)
AP Photo/Charles Krupa

Story title: Cleveland Cavaliers Stage Miracle Comeback! All Team Members Show up to Play and the Team Wins Two Games in a Row and Eliminate the Boston Celtics in the Second Round of the 2010 NBA Playoffs.

Calling all writers! Where is the good fan fiction about sports’ teams? So much fan fiction is centered around particular athletes, entertainers and shows, but where is the good sports’ fan fiction? Where are the stories about a Cleveland sports’ team overcoming all odds and winning a championship? Major League excluded, of course.

A search for a fan fiction site dedicated to sports has proven futile. There are lots of sites with fan fiction about athletes, but forget the athletes. Someone needs to write a story about the Cleveland Cavaliers winning an NBA championship. The story may be fiction, but at least it would sound good. Sometimes fiction is better than fact. Who wants to watch their team get clobbered in real life when they can read a happy story about their team winning? To put it bluntly: there are times when reality bites like a rabid dog and a break from reality is met with open arms.

Some Cleveland sports’ fans, myself included, have supported the Cleveland Cavaliers before LeBron and will continue to support the Cavaliers after LeBron, but enough is enough.

The series isn’t over...That’s true.

This article doesn’t recommend an actual story...Okay, that’s true, too.

Online fiction about actual basketball games is lacking...Also true.

There is an online short story in which the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Boston Celtics in the second round of the 2010 NBA Playoffs...Well, that’s not true...yet.

Somebody write the story please, or better yet, will the real Cleveland Cavaliers please leave the virtual world and show up in real life on Thursday, May 13, 2010 at around 8:00 pm for a full four quarters of basketball then take a break and show up again in real life on Sunday, May 16, 2010 at 3:30 pm for an addition full four quarters of basketball?

Status: Still searching for good online fiction.


  • LEN J 5 years ago

    bravo, young fan!you hit the reporters right on the head.Can't they wait until the series is over to beat up the cav's if they loose?that's why it is a best of seven games!go cav's and take the trophy!!!!!!!!1

  • Norm 5 years ago

    I'm a Celtics fan but I agree with the article 100%. This series is far from over. After the Cavs win game 6, the articles will ALL switch to sweet talk again.

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