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Cleveland Cavaliers agree to trade Andrew Wiggins, Bennett for Kevin Love

Cleveland Cavaliers agree to acquire Kevin Love for Anthony Bennett and Andrew Wiggins. Cavs form new Big 3
Cleveland Cavaliers agree to acquire Kevin Love for Anthony Bennett and Andrew Wiggins. Cavs form new Big 3
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

The Cleveland Cavaliers have made another move during the summer season. In what has been one of the most interesting free agency periods in NBA history, on Thursday Yahoo Sports’ Adrian Wojnarowski reported that Kevin Love will be a member of the Cavaliers at the start of the 2014 season.

Kevin Love in the 3-point shooting contest
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Minnesota Timberwolves reached an agreement with Cleveland to trade All-star forward Kevin Love for two former No.1 picks. In principle, the trade will include Cleveland CavaliersAnthony Bennett and Andrew Wiggins. Cleveland’s 2015 No.1 pick will also be included in this proposed trade. However, Cleveland will still have two No. 1 picks on the team. Kyrie Irving and Lebron James will be joined by Love to form a new big three.

Lebron James forgives Dan Gilbert's remarks to return home.

Both of Cleveland’s players are Canadian, and they played a combined two years of college basketball before taking their talents to the NBA. Bennett and Wiggins have a history together, and while it seemed like a dream come true, chances are they didn’t know they would be playing for another organization so soon.

Kevin Love had to agree to opt out of his current contract after the 2015 season for this deal to go through. Ultimately, reports are that he will sign a five-year $120 million deal with Cleveland next off season.

This trade can’t be finalized until August 23rd due to the signing of Andrew Wiggins. There is a one month waiting period and they are about half way through that time. However, it should be of note that the deal is not finalized and either team can back out of this proposed trade at anytime. Yahoo also reports that there isn’t a third team involved in this trade.

When the free agency grace period was over, there was nothing but praise for Lebron James and his heartfelt letter to the city of Cleveland and Northeast Ohio specifically. However, it always seemed like Lebron James was walking out on Miami in the same fashion that he left Cleveland four years earlier. Notice in the letter that he never mentioned Andrew Wiggins. Can you say that this deal wasn’t going down as part of the Lebron James decision?

Going home at something to do with it, but there were bigger plans in place, and this has nothing to do with the love of his hometown. On the surface, it looks the NBA will do whatever it takes to help Lebron James “earn” more rings. That young team he was inspired by helping has turned into another perceived juggernaut.

Cleveland has no choice but to win 70 games this season. Once again, the east is weak. The idea of building a championship has been thrown out the window. Lebron James enjoys the shortcuts it takes to hold the trophy and that could be why he only has two so far. You’re supposed to bring in pieces to build a team. You should never bring in the key piece from multiple teams, then act like you’re doing something special.

Kevin Love averaged 26 points and 12.5 rebounds per game in Minnesota last year. He’s a deadeye shooter, but he’s also known as a defensive liability. Let’s see how quick he turns into Chris Bosh, while playing along side Lebron James.


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