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Cleveland Cavalier’s win biding war for homeless man's with a golden voice

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Michrophone U87

Ted Williams is a former radio jock who earlier this week called the streets of Columbus, Ohio home. As of Wednesday morning, the Cleveland Cavalier organization extended him an offer to rich to refuse.

The soothing velvety sounds of Williams’ vocals are hard to ignore once he begins to speak. It is a talent he perfected over the years working for radio stations like WJMO in Cleveland back in the day. Then drugs, alcohol and a series of missteps knocked him off the air. Two years clean, Williams prayed for a second chance to revive his once promising career.

Williams’ luck surely began to change the day a reporter in Columbus filmed him doing a mock radio pitch while panhandling. The YouTube video quickly became a sensation. It was picked up by local news stations to the nationally syndicated show Inside Edition which aired Tuesday night.

By Wednesday morning, Williams was on the air talking with a local Clear Channel radio station in Columbus. The radio guest spot presented the perfect opportunity for Tracy Merrick from the Cleveland Cavalier organization to reach Williams. She then presented Williams with an offer to do voice overs for the organization which includes Quicken Loan arena events as well as radio and television voice overs. The organization also offered the piece de resistance, free housing.

The phone interview and job offer with the Cavalier organization left Williams speechless. He later told a Fox 8 News, he has been blessed with some staggering offers from across the country. Given his current circumstances Williams found it impossible to refuse a job offer that included free housing contract to help him get back on his feet. The offer sounds like a win/win situation for both sides.


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