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Cleveland Browns pick Brian Hoyer as starting Quarterback

A decision has been made and now the team can better focus on the job at hand.
A decision has been made and now the team can better focus on the job at hand.
Cleveland Browns

It has been officially announced that the Cleveland Browns have made their decision in regards to the “Quarterback Compitition” with the nod going to Brian Hoyer. This now sets to rest one of the controversies following the Browns during training camp. This will now allow the offense to learn the nuances of one particular quarterback which will hopefully aid the receiving corps in catching more passes and the offensive line in protecting him better. Following practice, Brian Hoyer had his first press conference where he was asked the following questions.

On if he was relieved

“For me its excitement, this is what I worked for for a whole year to get back to and obviously it’s good to move forward and move on with the decision being made, get back to work and get ready for St. Louis. It’s like I said, it’s been my mentality for this entire off season training camp to come out here and act like the starter and be the starter so that now that it is official we can get ready for St. Louis.

On earning the starting job

It was exciting. When Coach Pettine told me this morning I’m sure I cracked a smile (laughs). You realize all the work I put in, now here’s my shot, just go out and run with it. Like I said before, all you can ask for is an opportunity, and to go out and try to seize it. Now that it’s here it’s time to work harder. As much work as I have put in I have to be even better and work harder.

On if he can now relax

Yea, I don’t think I haven’t been relaxed, the other night (during the Washington Game) things got a little messed up. We had a bad first series then you’re sitting down for a little bit, I think people want to pin that on pressure, whatever it is, I think we just played poorly. Us as an offense collectively and we have to be better than that. I don’t think it ever got to me. I remarked to someone that this is the most relaxed training camp in my career because I was in the spot to be a starter and that had never been given to me before. So, it’s good to have a decision and move forward and look forward to St. Louis and then the regular season.

On who he called first after hearing the news

Coach Pettine called me into his office about three or four minutes before the team meeting so I didn’t get a chance to tell anyone and by the time that meeting broke up…my phone…I think I had thirty seven text messages so the media broke it before I could break it to anyone else.

On if he’s looking to be “the guy” week 1

Obviously, it’s very special to me. Like you said, did I believe it could happen after I got hurt? There was no doubt in my mind, but obviously there were days where rehab sucked and I hated what I was doing but knew the feeling that I had running out onto that stadium and running off the field when we beat Cincinnati, it’s all worth it. It’s amazing how much you appreciate the game when it is taken away from you. For me this is what I put in all those hours of rehab, now being with Kyle and learning a whole new system in the off season and throwing extra routes with those guys. That’s what you do it for. It’s an exciting time.

On if he has thought about the Steelers

I do. I think it’s a common opponent that we had last year, nothing’s really changed. Dick Lebeau is there. We can go back and watch the film from him. I know that Kyle’s played him in the past. It is definitely something we are looking forward to but right now you’ve got to look at the short term and that is playing St. Louis on Saturday night.

On the improvements of the offense

Well, I think we’re just going come out and keep working on getting better. We came out on a hot and humid day…short rest and we had a great practice today and that’s all you can do. You need to come out and improve every day. You either get better or you get worse. Obviously we were all disappointed in how things played out on Monday night, but I think for us we’re just consistently trying to get better. You need to be better and consistent when you are doing things well. Obviously it’s always a work in progress. You know, we were all disappointed and really embarrassed with the way things came out Monday night but we watch the film and learn from those mistakes and move forward.

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