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Cleveland Browns Fans Weigh In on New Coach Mike Pettine

Coach Mike Pettine of the Cleveland Browns
Coach Mike Pettine of the Cleveland Browns
Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Cleveland Browns have finally selected a new head coach, and many fans around Cleveland are letting their opinions fly on the newest change in the Browns organization.

Most fans seem rather unimpressed with the choice given the defense of the Buffalo Bills last season, a team which Pettine was the defensive coordinator for. Others are wondering who he is, and are beginning to question the organization behind his hiring.

One thing is certain though, Mike Pettine is a career coach. He started by coaching high school football, and now has a shot at coaching on the professional level, something he's waited for his entire life. The Browns spent 26 days to decide on their new coach, and will have to build a staff of coordinators around him, but while some fans feel this is a bad decision, many more stick with the Browns and look forward to seeing Coach Pettine run the team next season.

Many more are concerned with the upcoming draft, and more coverage will be given as the NFL Draft edges closer, including a compilation mock draft created from a poll of Browns fans.