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Cleveland Asian Festival: now 5 years of balance

The Cleveland Asian Festival turned five this weekend. Five years of great exhibitions, great booths, great entertainment, and of course, great food. I could describe many of the acts, booths, etc to you all in detail. That would be fine because they are all great. However, there was something else that I noticed today that I believe is more important to tell.

I had just finished lunch, and I was looking around trying to figure out where I should distribute flyers for the martial arts school that I attend. I then looked to my right and saw a guy walking by wearing a white shirt. The white shirt displayed the Yin-Yang symbol. In case someone has not seen it before, it is a a circle with a black and white swirl ( for lack of a better term). It means that things in life are equal but opposite. It also represents harmony and balance.

Every time I have ever gone to The Cleveland Asian Festival, I have felt very much at peace. No matter what the acts, exhibitions, booths, businesses, etc; everything just comes together. It all makes sense. Maybe the organizers planned it that way. Maybe it just happened that way. Either way, you see many different peoples and cultures from the continent of Asia coming together in the US ( on the North American continent) for this unbelievable event. It is an equal mixture of food, entertainment ( singing, dancing martial arts, acrobatics, many more), sponsors, businesses, and people from all walks of life.

You have to have balance. I am not just talking about not falling down the stairs when you are walking. You cannot be working too much in your life. In the same regard, you cannot be playing too much either. It is true that sometimes, you may need to a do a little bit more work, for example, due to a busy week. However, if it gets to the point that is all you are doing; you are going to be so out of balance it will be ridiculous. Even something fun and educational needs to have balance. That is what The Cleveland Asian Festival has. Whatever they are doing, they should keep doing it because it is right. Do not rework the formula!

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