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Clearly Defined Paths

Which Path Will You Take?
Which Path Will You Take?
Photo by Kraig Boysen

As the inches turn into feet and feet turn into tunnels are you blinded at the crossroads?

Do you take caution, when approaching possible impending encounters at the intersections?

Do you simply walk down the well-defined paths never even touching the walls?

Or, do you challenge the obvious and anticipate possible road blocks.

Do you occasionally bounce off of the walls or potentially fall flat on your face?

Do you know how to pick yourself up and keep on going, if by chance you do fall or unconsciously slip?

Are you truly content with taking the easy way?

Or, do you look at things differently and sometimes feel the necessity in forging your own path while moving ahead?

Believing that God wants us to be creative in our lives and to try to achieve things which are only a distant whisper in our minds, He gave us free will.

Given to us are the options to go with the crowd or to be His follower; to see beyond the obvious boundaries, believing He will show us a better way, perhaps, the road less traveled.

God never promised a life free of pain or turns without twists and surprises. But through Him we will gain the insight needed by prayer and in studying His Word. 

He will grant us strength for the day and all that we will face, along with His ultimate wisdom, when we seek it as well as answers to our questions being "yes", "no", "maybe - but not right now."

Life can be so exciting and we can choose to have a positive take on it as daily challenges and choices come our way.

Remember, we can do all things through Christ. Take a chance, be His vessel and allow Him to work through you. You will be amazed!


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