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Clear it up

It is hard to enjoy the beauty of summer when you are not feeling so beautiful yourself. Blemishes and any form of acne can put a real damper on your summer break or vacation. The problem that women face is that we think if we put enough on it will cover it up. In a way yes, but then you are just adding to the problem by making it look cakey and look like you have to much on. Trust me, the more you put on the worse it looks. You need to look for a makeup that contains salicylic acid in it so it can help treat your acne. Find something that might be a light coverage that you can gradually make full coverage without it looking like you are using to much. Some products can help clear up your skin in a matter on weeks; also with the use of the right cleansers and the right medication. A great brand that is makeup plus an acne treatment is by Sarah McNamara; Miracle Skin Transformer Acne Control. You can get it in tinted acne treatment lotion and use as your foundation, or her Treat and Conceal for eye and face. Both have acne treatments in them that will help reduce blemishes. The great thing about these products is that you do not have to put a lot on to for full coverage. All of her products come in different shades and work amazingly. Always set your makeup with a powder. A great one is by Almay Clear Complexion with Blemish Heal. It also has acne fighting technology. You might think that all this medication might be to much for your skin; as long as you do not keep putting it on throughout the day and only moderately if you need a touch up, you should be fine.