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Clear communications are important during emergencies

A disaster such as a blizzard can disrupt not only mass communications, but also one-on-one communications.
A disaster such as a blizzard can disrupt not only mass communications, but also one-on-one communications.
Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images

This article will use the example of a specific emergency to show why preppers need clear communications during emergencies. The example of an emergency in this article is of a wife and her 5 year old son who are stranded in their car, with nightime, sub zero temperatures approaching. This wife was out on the icy roads a day after a blizzard, but only because her son was sick, and she had to take him to the hospital.

While driving back home from the hospital, her car slid off a country road and became stuck in a snowbank. She called AAA and then her husband for help. Since AAA had so many calls, she felt that her husband could leave his workplace and help them more quickly. She feared that being too long in the car could expose her and her son to the consequences of hypothermia, frostbite, or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Before talking to her husband about this emergency, the wife calmed herself by breathing deeply. Then, she called her husband and asked him to take notes of their conversation so that he would not have to rely on his memory. First, she told him about their being stranded and gave him a chance to ask any questions he wanted to ask. After her husband knew they were all right and had calmed down, she gave him detailed instructions regarding how to find them. Then, she asked him to read back his notes to her. Finally, she told him to make a couple of corrections to his notes.

Such caution is necessary during emergencies when most people are anxious. Such anxiety impairs clear communications. If the wife had not corrected the husband’s notes, he might have followed faulty directions while trying to find his wife and son. Then, there could have been three people in danger instead of just two.

Because this is a prepper family, the wife's car was well equipped for winter driving. Also, the family had a bug in bag in the car. Because of these preparations, and because he had good instructions, the husband reached his wife and son before they were in any danger. He took them all home and called AAA to cancel his wife’s request. The next day, the husband had a friend with a powerful four wheel drive vehicle pull his wife's car out of the snowbank so that he could drive it home.

In the past, what has hurt or helped your communications with others? Please comment below.

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