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Cleansing for health

Lately I have been feeling tired and sluggish so I knew it was time to take control of my diet. I decided to participate in a cleanse in order to rid my body of toxins. As many people do, I turned to the internet to help me determine my course of action. Just last year I was diagnosed with Diverticular Disease meaning I have pockets in my colon so my body requires 35-40 grams of fiber. This requirement is almost double what a healthy person SHOULD eat, and almost triple what a healthy person DOES eat. I knew my cleanse needed to include fiber, but I also needed energy to feed my bike rides.

I took what I learned from the internet and designed the following cleanse: I decided that Monday through Thursday I would eat fruit, vegetables, nuts and grains and drink only water. This cleanse would feed my disease and workouts and would rid my body of sugar, salt, food preservatives, caffeine and alcohol. Friday through Sunday I would eat and drink normally. It sounded like a good plan and I was successful in many ways. Over the 4 days I lost 3.6 pounds, but even more importantly, I felt great! I did have one problem and that was headaches from the lack of caffeine. Wednesday and Thursday morning I decided to add one cup of coffee with my breakfast. I had to weigh the difference between a little caffeine, and flooding my system with pain relievers trying to handle the headaches. The caffeine worked and I was headache free the last two days.

When the weekend arrived, I was a bit more relaxed but did not bring beer back into my diet, nor did I binge on food. At the end of the 3 days I had regained some of the weight, but was still down from the start. Because of my success, I decided to take my cleanse forward into a second week. As a Wellness Coach I believe in taking a holistic approach to my health. I explain to people that their weight is just a number on a scale and as long as their blood pressure and cholesterol numbers are within an acceptable range, they shouldn’t fret. However, with this holistic approach to health, a person needs to be happy with themselves, or they will not experience emotional wellness. I was at this point with my weight. I was not happy with myself and decided to take control.

I challenge you to take control of your health. Be sure to include your doctor in your decision as they will support your decision and can give you advice on the best plan that will work for you.

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