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Cleaning your face twice a day keeps aging away

Clients often ask during a consultation “why is it important for me to cleanse my face day and night?” My simple answer is to improve the overall health of your skin; and that it doesn’t really matter what a professional does to help you with your skin issue if you do not do your part with the basic skin care regiment: CLEANSING.

Your cleansing routine always begins in the morning of course, and should be done with a cleansing product not just water. When you are sleeping, your skin repairs and sheds dead skin cells as you get older this process slows down; because this process takes place, you should ty to stay in front and do the basic work of cleansing so everything after is just maintained. Cleansing your face in the morning with a great cleanser for your skin type cleanses away the dead skin and you are then starting your day with the healthiest skin possible.

Cleaning your face at night is important for several reasons: First, if you wear makeup it is imperative you wash it off; even after using a makeup routine clean your face. Leaving makeup on while you are sleeping results in clogged pores, which leads to the dreaded ACNE. Leaving eye makeup on can lead to eye infections as well. The second reason to clean your face before bedtime is to get rid of the dirt and environmental hazards that we all face while being out in the open. Our body is more covered than our faces, but we tend to make better choices concerning just the body but not the face. The third reason to wash your face at night is because you want to have a fresh canvas for a moisturizer and just a fresh clean canvas so your skin can breathe.

So an apple an day keeps the doctor away, cleaning your face twice a day keeping aging away. It’s very simple- JUST DO IT!

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