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Cleaning the BBQ

Clean the BBQ and grill
Clean the BBQ and grill
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Before firing up the grill, organize what you will need to clean and ready the BBQ. It is that time of year, to invite family and friends over to enjoy your BBQ meals.
For the propane BBQ grill, make sure you have a spare propane tank, in case the one you are using-runs out of propane. Check and clean the burners, to make sure the burner holes are not plugged. Inspect and replace lava rocks, if they too much crust from cooked food and grease. Using a bucket of hot soapy water and rubber gloves on, clean the bottom and insides of the propane grill.
For the charcoal BBQ grill, use a steel brush to clean out the inside and bottom. Make sure that ashes and crust from food and grease have been removed. The crust from old food and grease tends to give bad flavor to the fresh cooked food. So you want to make sure and start with a cleaned charcoal BBQ grill. Have plenty of charcoal lighter fluid on hand.
For the wood burning BBQ grill or pit, take a scoop or shovel and remove any old wood ashes. Use a stiff brush or broom and brush out the bottom of the wood grill or pit. Have your kindling and wood stack ready to go.
Make sure the grill is cleaned by scrubbing with a steel brush over hot het or flames. Use paper towel to then wipe off the grill. Place fresh paper towel in a set of BBQ tongs that has vegetable oil on it and rub the grill lightly with the oil. Now you are ready to fire up the grill and BBQ.


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