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Cleaning muddy dogs (part 1 of 2)

Muddy dogs can be fun...or annoying.
Muddy dogs can be fun...or annoying.
KVanNess 2009

It's not quite officially spring, but the warm weather of the last week and melting snow has turned many backyards into mud pits.  And the local dog parks are apparently much worse.

Bathing Tips:

Pre-mix your shampoo:  The gel consistency of shampoos are really hard to spread into a dog's fur.  Fill a water bottle 1/5 or less with shampoo and the rest with warm water.  Shake it up and use this to scrub your dog after watering down

Have lots of towels.  The more you dry your dog, the less wet he will be.

Don't wash your dog with shampoo every time he's muddy.  just do a quick rinse.

Management Tips:

Have an easy-to-clean "Drying Zone" in your house.  This could be the laundry room or the kitchen.  Gate your dogs in there until they're dry enough to have reign of the house again. 

Get some mulch or straw to put over the wetter parts of your yard.

Take your dog out to eliminate on he can't get into mud... if you're in a hurry.

Get a car seat cover for all dog park trips to keep muddy dogs off the actual car seat.  It will be one of the best you make!

Muddy Cats:

A "Drying Zone" can be easier than baths with most cats.  Try a bathroom or a big dog crate.

A damp cloth can be used to wipe down a cat.


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