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Cleaning filters saves energy.


Programmable thermostats save money and energy.

With fall coming on strong we can give our air conditioners and heat pumps a short  break. This is the time to replace and clean filters.

If you have been using the throwaway kind you might consider some of the new cleanable filters. They trap a lot more dust and pollen than the old type.

Another consideration is replacing your thermostat with the new programmable type. They make it a breeze to keep our homes comfortable, and our energy bills low.

If you don't think you can hook it up yourself check with your local big home store or supplier. They will be glad to explain it to you.

It is not a bad idea to enter into a service contract with one of Columbia's many quality home heating companies. They will check out your system on a regular basis including replacing and cleaning filters.

They can explain all of the benefits of the new type thermostats available today and install one for you. Don't panic if you find you need an entire new system. The money you spend on it will be recovered in saved energy cost and a healthier environment inside your home.

Old furnaces with worn combustion chambers can be both a health and a safety hazard. It's like they say, "when in doubt check it out".  It is not worth the risk to continue using a questionable system.

There are all kinds of rebates and even some tax breaks for upgrading your home air conditioning and heating system. Use the Internet  to check them out.

The weather in the Columbia area is fantastic. With football games already starting, sit back, relax and enjoy knowing your homes heating system is serviced and ready for winter.


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