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Clean up tips for after your Super Bowl 2014 party

Okay, the party is over and now its clean up time. Here are some ideas to help.

Have guests help with the clean up, but only if they are willing.
Have guests help with the clean up, but only if they are willing.
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Hopefully your Super Bowl 2014 won't get this out of hand.
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  • Collect bottles, cups, and glasses.
  • Separate recyclables.
  • Look for spills and deal with them right away.
  • Empty half-filled glasses and cups in the kitchen sink. Toss out plastic and paper.
  • Set the glasses on the kitchen counter. Do the same with plates and utensils. Make this the hub to organize yourself and the mess.
  • Fill the dishwasher with as many dishes as you can fit in and start it when it’s fully loaded. You probably will have several loads to do, so the sooner it is started the sooner the next load can go in.
  • If you are the dishwasher, start soaking dishes in hot soapy water. After dishes have soaked for a few minutes, let the water out and fill with fresh hot water and start the dishwashing process.
  • Gather up the garbage in plastic bags, starting in outer rooms and working your way toward the kitchen.
  • Take garbage out as soon as bags are filled and tied, to prevent accidental leaks and odors.
  • If some of your guests offer to help, take them up on it.
  • For spills on carpet or upholstery, try to soak up the liquid as soon as possible before the stain can set. Fold a paper towel to several thicknesses; press it hard into the stain. The liquid will absorb into the paper towel. Repeat with fresh paper towels until no more liquid comes up, and then use a stain removal product following the directions.
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