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Clean-up time! Easy solutions and products for the pet owner

Pet hair seems to glue itself to any fabric: bed sheets, couches, shirts, pants, etc. Save those pricy, disposable lint rollers in exchange for a pair of rubber gloves! Simply wipe surfaces using your hand as a brush - the rubber of the glove will roll pet hair into mats where it is then easily picked off.

Baking soda makes a great odor neutralizer in litter boxes. Mix into the litter, as some animals (cats especially) are sometimes weary of a substance visible other than the litter and may avoid the lines of baking soda when the powder is left on the surface of the litter.

Liquid Alive is a great product that neutralizes odor in carpet, upholstery, porous surfaces, linens, mattresses and many other surfaces. Enzyme producing bacteria liquifies and digests organic waste, eliminating malodors (highly recommended for those felines who don't always use the litter box). It can be sprayed directly onto the soiled area or mixed in with any electric carpet steamer or cleaner solution. Liquid Alive resists disinfectants and detergents. It's biodegradable, non-staining, non-alkaline and non-toxic. You may find Liquid Alive at Office Depot or visit the manufacturer's website to order online at
AZ Partsmaster also carries the product at
Prices are around $5.30 for one quart.

Resolve for Pet Stains can be found at most major grocery stores, and helps to not only remove pet stains but to neutralize the odor. This product is specifically for carpet stains and is great for cleaning up after the accidental hairball or upset stomach.


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