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Clean the air with houseplants.

Cynthia Alderman

The amount of toxins in a home can be staggering. Work environments can also be troubling. There are more chances for toxins to be introduced by other people. All kinds of items brought into a house can wreck havoc on your health. As careful as you might be, it is hard to always control your environment.

Plants can be a great filtration system, and also balance the humidity of a room. Plants can remove formaldehyde, alcohols, trichloroethylene, acetone, and benzene. Just a few plants can go along way. The goal can be one or two plants per room.

Let's face it though, not all of us have green thumbs. It is easy to forget to water plants. A great idea is to select a variety that grows in water, and that is low maintenance. A few suggestions are pathos and spider plants. These are also good for propagation. You can snip off a pathos vine at the node, and put it in water. It will root into a new container. Spider plants will shoot out tiny baby plants, which will also root in water. The peace lily also is a great toxin remover. They require a little more attention though. A christmas cactus is a nice plant that can also be propagated. Snip off two or three joined segments. Allow it to dry for a few hours. Then plant half of the segment in soil from the parent plant. It will root within a few weeks.

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