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Clean the air inside your home with indoor plants

Indoor house plants are a beautiful part of home decor, but these plants also serve a great purpose. The air inside our home can be even more polluted than the air out doors. The air is stale from closed windows, resulting in a lack of free flowing fresh air.

New furniture and paint can release harmful gases and toxins. In addition, chemically made cleaning products also add to indoor pollution. Plants work as natural air filters, absorbing toxins released into the air such as formaldehyde. Indoor plants also take in carbon dioxide, and then release oxygen. Human beings breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.


There is a large selection of indoor plants to choose from. Be sure to pick a plant that is native to your area, if possible. Some popular houseplants are, African Violets, Aloe Vera, Ivy, Paper Whites, Geraniums, and Poinsettia.

A wonderful indoor plant is a Braided Ficus Tree. This plant grows well indoors because it is a very adaptable plant. This plant also blends in well with almost any décor.

The average houseplant is about a foot tall; however house plants like ivy can grow several feet in length. These plants need special care and should be placed on a mantle or an area where it can be free to grow and spread out.


Sometimes cats and houseplants don't mix because some cats like to eat and chew on leaves. If you have a cat, consider training your cat to stay away from plants. Cats can be very stubborn, so be consistent.

If you have small children you might want to consider keeping all houseplants out of reach. Always choose non-poisonous house plants as a precaution.


Some people think that plants will attract bugs and spiders into their home. Bugs and other creatures find their way into homes, whether there are plants or not.

Blooming plants may attract butterflies, if these creatures happen to make it inside your home. Plants with strong fragrances like chives, and mints actually deter bugs.

People who have plants in their home tend to be healthier for several reasons. Plants are beautiful to look at and they help to purify the air. Plants also reduce noise pollution because they give off humidity, which reduces pollution in the air.

Filling your home with living plants can help reduce the effects of depression. Plants have been shown to lift the spirits, which is why people love to bring flowers to someone who is sick.


  • Winona Cooking Examiner 5 years ago

    Very interesting points regarding the use of house plants to clean the air indoors. Very nicely written.

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