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Clean Air From Dirty Houses

The answer to a cleaner environment can lie in our going back to dirt
The answer to a cleaner environment can lie in our going back to dirt
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Green home building expert says the wave of the future is in earth covered techniques

DALLAS (March 18, 2014) – Earth sheltered living can solve many of the environmental challenges conventional building techniques overlook. The main reason for building earth sheltered housing is longevity, says Ralph Smoot, a consultant for Earth Sheltered construction, agent and founder of Ralph Smoot Construction. “That’s where your money will earn its keep—so to speak.”

Green Building construction seminars will be offered at the sixth annual IEEE Green Tech Conference April 3 in Corpus Christi, Texas,

Smoot will give a brief history lesson of the lumber industry in the United States to any who asks, explaining why he believes using wood for building is not practical. Smoot spoke with co-host Jack Bishop by phone as a guest on the ScienceNews Radio Network program, The Promise of Tomorrow, . The program originates in Dallas, Texas, and can then be heard Webcast and archived for its world audience.

Smoot tells of his experiences and insight into the full value of earth sheltered building and living. Bishop asked Smoot how this type of sustainable green housing could be constructed in Texas. Smoot replied “there are three styles; burn- which is flat land construction…, elevational- which cuts into a hill... and atrium- which is considered custom nature, such as a horse shoe or zig-zag design”. “Green is learning to build in harmony with divine design.” Smoot said.

These Green Building construction seminars at the sixth annual IEEE Greentech Conferences are sponsored by IEEE USA, IEEE Region 5, and IEEE Corpus Christi Section. The purpose of the conference is to present unpublished, original papers on the field of Green Technology with presentations, workshops, and invited talks in related fields. Registration at:

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