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Clay detox baths

Say good-bye to the toxins!
Julie Wanner, CMA, AS, FIFHI Certified, Author of "Diabetes Can Be Sweet...Once You Bury It."

Did you know that your body accumulates toxins? Yes, the human body becomes polluted by both external and internal sources. These heavy metals and chemicals are stored in the tissues of your body. If you do not remove the poisons in your body they will not leave on their own. The toxic buildup only increases as you age. Do you have diabetes? Did you know that the pancreas can be damaged from vaccinations and other chemicals? Yes, and if you do not detox the poisons out of your body you’ll suffer the consequences.

Inhalation toxins include smoking, air pollution, and environmental pollutants. Ingestion toxins include pesticides, drinking water, chemicals, and synthetic drugs. Absorption includes paints, plastics, dental amalgams, tattoos, chemicals found in personal care products including cosmetics. Remember; think before you ink your body!

Raymond Dextreit, a French naturopath who introduced the clay cure to his own country, notes that most of the poisons in the body are positively charged, whereas specific healing clays possess a natural negative ionic attraction to these poisons. Are you ready to say good bye to the toxins? LL’s Magnetic Clay baths use the Earth’s natural healing properties and can be done in the privacy of your own home. Some detox therapies are very expensive but this detoxification is unlike any other since it works and is affordable. The tiny particles of clay in their formulations impart a large negatively charged surface area in proportion to volume. When the clay bath formula is mixed into a tub of very warm water, it opens the pores of the skin, whereby the baths composition assists in attracting and soaking up toxins on its exterior wall then gradually drawing them into the interior core of the clay where it is stored in a repository of sorts.

The LL’s Magnetic Clay baths are safe and effective, utilizes 100% natural, raw healing clays and botanicals, assists in the elimination of toxic heavy metals and chemicals and does not deplete essential minerals. In addition, the clay baths are not only excellent for your health, but good for the environment.

If you’re ready for a healthy and vibrant body, contact Renewal Enterprises where you can purchase LL’s Magnetic Clay Detox Baths.

Source: LL’s Magnetic Clay Detox Baths

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