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Claurett now on UFL radar, Colonials release Woodson

Hartford Colonials
Hartford Colonials
Hartford Colonials

Clarett ready for UFL?
The season is fast approaching, and it’s time for teams to start trimming the fat. The Omaha Nighthawks did the exact opposite, and the Colonials (and the rest of the UFL) should take notice. Omaha already touted an experienced roster, with Jeff Garcia, Ahman Green, and Athony Dorsett, and now they’ve added Maurice Clarett. Yes, that Maurice Clarett.

In case you forgot about him, or have been wondering where he’s been lately, don’t worry. He hasn’t been up to much. Clarett has spent the last few years in prison for armed robbery, and is looking for a professional rejuvenation with the UFL. If he wants any chance at playing for an NFL squad, he’ll have to not only play well with the Nighthawks, but dominate. That doesn’t bode well for Ahman Green, who I’m sure was planning on collecting the vast majority of the playing time at RB, and that also doesn’t bode well for teams like the Colonials.

Is Clarett ready for professional football? How rusty will he be? Every player in the UFL is hungry, whether it’s for one last crack at football success, one last chance to show off the goods for NFL scouts, or for a final paycheck (or two) before hanging up the cleats forever. This won’t be an easy test for him, and hopefully he knows this.

Either way, the UFL just got a little bit more interesting, and there is one more reason to watch the Colonials when they play the Nighthawks in weeks 2 and 5 (the latter in Hartford).

Woodson gone
The Colonials decided to part ways with Andre Woodson, formerly of Kentucky and the New York Giants.
The Colonials leave themselves with only two quarterbacks on the roster, which may be an OK situation considering the shorter length of the UFL schedule in comparison to the NFL or college.

With that said, after Josh McCown, the Colonials only have one man to turn to: Ryan Perrilloux. The kid is gifted, but has had a troubled past and is quite a drop-off from McCown. Not saying that Woodson is better than Perrilloux, but I wouldn’t be thrilled with my quarterback depth if I was Coach Palmer.

~Mark Rawden

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