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Claudine Barretto pursues her claim that she was battered by Raymart Santiago

Raymart Santiago/Claudine Barretto
Raymart Santiago/Claudine Barretto
Twitter/Ferdinand Topacio/Raymart Santiago

Claudine Barretto is not doing a movie or even a TV series in ABS-CBN or GMA7, two of the biggest TV networks in the country today, but despite her being absent in local showbiz, the younger Barretto is still delivering hot news and issues. Based on the latest article of ABS-CBN News this morning, July 21, 2014, even though she is hesitant to admit that Raymart was the one who battered her, Claudine is putting her estranged husband to shame.

Said issue started when Claudine’s lawyer, Atty. Ferdinand Topacio, posted old photos of Claudine showing bruises on her face which allegedly done by Raymart Santiago. After seeing the photos online, some observers took to their social media accounts and expressed their disappointments with the lawyer’s posted photos. All of them agreed that Atty. Ferdinand Topacio should present the evidence in the court to prevent any malicious accusations against his client, Claudine Barretto.

Aside from the netizens who took time out just to see the photos online, Raymart Santiago, Claudine’s estranged husband also revealed his side of the story. Through his lawyers, Raymart Santiago denied the accusation, according to him; those photos were taken in 2010 when Claudine underwent post surgical procedure. Aside from Atty. Ferdinand Topciao’s posted photos, Claudine also shocked the netizens especially her supporters when she posted her latest photo showing her left dotted leg last week.

Based on her allegation; she was a battered wife and the scars on her left leg prove her accusation. Three weeks ago, Claudine together with her kids, Santino and Sabina, became the talk of the town when the netizens saw a photo of her on Instagram with Raymart Santiago. Some observers immediately congratulated Claudine for her courageous move while others believed that the estranged couple will start a new life and fix their difference very soon. Again, that was three weeks ago, today is a different story because Claudine is still pursuing her claim that she was a battered wife.