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Classy Felice Herrig shines a positive light on women's mixed martial arts

Felice Herrig fights Heather Clark at Bellator 94
Felice Herrig fights Heather Clark at Bellator 94
Courtesy of Bellator MMA

According to a March 27 report from, some female MMA fighters are taking the stance that lady warriors who play up their sex appeal to get ahead in their careers, will turn the sport into more of a sideshow than one filled with high-quality, professional athletes.

One athlete helping to lead the fight against female MMA becoming a gimmicky sideshow attraction is 28-year-old Felice Herrig, a strawweight who fights under the Bellator MMA banner.

Herrig has become a fan favorite on the MMA scene over the past half-decade, for consistently representing herself with class, and proving that there's far more to the sport than just putting good-looking girls on display.

Herrig has a dazzling physical appearance, but it's her serious fighting skills that have helped make her a superb brand representative, as companies have teamed with her to create a substantial footprint in the ever-growing MMA space.

It also works the other way around, as fans of brands such as AllMax Nutriition, HeadRush and AlienWare, may have been drawn into female MMA from Herrig's appearances in their promotional ads.

Herrig is also a wonderful role model for young girls. She is one of the top-ranked strawweights in the world, but you'll never see her act rude to people or get into trouble outside the cage. She also spends a significant amount of time interacting with fans, and she recently dedicated four days to signing autographs at the 2013 Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio.

Herrig is set to fight Heather Clark on March 28 at Bellator 94, and it's expected to be a true barnburner. While her opponent talked trash about Herrig in a recent interview, "Lil' Bulldog" showed poise and professionalism by taking the high road, claiming that she does not want to spread negative energy.

She hopes to focus solely on the positive.

Positive role models are important because they set examples for young girls to observe and pattern positive behaviors from, and the rest of the women's MMA scene should take note from Herrig's actions, to understand there's more to being an athlete than just what happens inside the cage.

As young girls try their hand at MMA for the first time, looking up to Herrig clearly increases their positive behaviors and feelings of self-worth. Herrig helps young, budding female MMA stars build morals and positive values, teach them to set attainable goals, and provide direction in achieving goals. Most importantly, Herrig proves to the world that dreams and goals can be fulfilled, if you consistently represent yourself in a classy manner.


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