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Classy Felice Herrig apologizes for Bellator 94 post-fight scuffle

Felice Herrig posted an apology for her actions at Bellator 94
Felice Herrig posted an apology for her actions at Bellator 94
Courtesy of Bellator MMA

According to a March 31 report from MMA Junkie, Felice Herrig continued to show why she's one of the classiest women in MMA by posting an apology for the Bellator 94 post-fight scuffle that left some in the MMA community wondering if she had shown poor sportsmanship by provoking Heather Clark.

"First off I want to apologize to any of my fans that thought what I did was unsportsmanlike," Herrig tweeted. "Looking back on it now I probably shouldn't have reacted that way but my emotions got the better of me. Heather has been on a mission for almost 2 years now trying to fight me and has done the typical trashing of me to try and get that attention to do it."

The incident boiled down to Herrig celebrating her Bellator 94 victory by screaming into Clark's face in a spontaneous moment of joy.

Clark fired back by throwing a backhand punch that landed on Herrig's face, and "Lil' Bulldog" responded with a post-fight punch of her own.

Essentially, there were no real winners in the post-fight scuffle. Both ladies showed poor sportsmanship in the heat of the moment, but Herrig rose above it by posting a lengthy apology to fans and to her opponent.

"Heather is a very tough fighter and I wish the drama leading up to it was not as heated as it became but I assure you it was not brought on be me at all," Herrig stated. "I never attack anyone who hasn't attacked me first. I wish Heather a speedy recovery and I'm not upset that she took a swing at me after the bell... I probably would have done the same. Actually I know I would have done the same!"

No word yet on when Herrig returns to the Bellator MMA cage.