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Classroom yoga with Cosmic Kids Yoga Episode 1 Squish the Fish

Yoga is a great way for children to experience some productive movement within the Montessori classroom. It can help them to center themselves, as well as to kickstart their brains into learning mode. Inclement weather can prevent us from getting outside for gross motor play, but a yoga video series from the UK can fulfill all of these needs in under twenty minutes a day.

Cosmic Kids Yoga is done with Jamie Brodie, a certified yoga instructor in England. She writes these stories that take children on an adventure, using various yoga poses and motions along the way. They start by sitting on their bottoms, cross-legged with hands folded in front of their hearts, and saying, "Namaste." She then eases them into movement as she weaves an adventure. This first episode, "Squish the Fish," takes children on an ocean adventure at the beach. Along the way, they ride on a hot air balloon, play football (soccer) with crabs, surf, and meet a shark, a mermaid, and of course, Squish the Fish. As the adventure draws to a close, she brings them back down and helps them to relax.

If you have done any yoga in the classroom, children may recognize some of the poses, such as the tree. Jamie's voice is exciting, yet the British accent is calming and enticing. She also throws in some good little life lessons, such as healthy food choices and reminders that mommies and daddies always come back for us.

My class experimented with this first episode at the end of a very cold and snowy day when we couldn't go outside. All of them were completely engaged and participated. Immediately they wanted to do more episodes. The very next day, they were requesting a repeat performance and also were back in the Peace area revisiting our yoga cards. These could also be easily done at home.

The YouTube channel currently has 10 episodes for free, which we are able to play on our SmartBoard. You can purchase the first three episodes in DVD format on Amazon. Follow them on Facebook and visit the Cosmic Kids Yoga website for more information and lesson plans.

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