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Classroom management checklist

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Being an early childhood educator requires a great deal of planning in order for the classroom to run smoothly. Sometimes it helps to have a "checklist" to help implement a successfully run classroom or center. Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you review your classroom or center.

• Have I utilized my classroom space as efficiently as possible?

• Is my classroom easy to maneuver?

• Are stored items distracting to the children?

• From a child’s point of view is my classroom inviting?

• Am I able to greet each child every day?

• Do I have time to converse with each child every day?

• Are my daily routines consistent?

• Do I give plenty of notice if there is a change to the daily routine?

• Are transitions smooth?

• Are there any hidden spots in my classroom?

• Do I have a plan B if plan A fizzles out?

• Is every adult in the classroom engaged with the children?

• Is a daily routine posted? (it can be pictures or drawings or photos along with words, at the child’s eye level)

• Are learning centers clearly defined?

• Are there multiples of popular toys? (phones, dolls, trucks, etc)

• Are the classroom rules posted?

• Are the rules clear and concise? (between 3-5 “rules” are plenty for young children)

• Do parents have a copy of the classroom rules?

• Do you have a nice mix of active and calm activities?

Enjoy those little ones in whatever setting you may have. Taking the time to get organized really does help to ensure that the optimum amount of learning will take place.