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Classic turn-based strategy game 'Etherlords 2' re-releases on steam

Etherlords 2 re-releases on steam
Etherlords 2 re-releases on steam

In 2003 Etherlords 2 was released and helped bring the collectible card games strategy genre to PC gamers. Eleven years later the game is re-released on steam with new modes and features.

What is Etherlords?

Etherlords is equal parts 'Magic: The Gathering' and 'Might and Magic'. It adds progression to the tried and true mechanics of collectible card games. The result is a competitive and rewarding game with fun combat to draw you in and the depth to keep you coming back

What is new?

The game now features online support, to play with and against your friends in various modes. One mode involves an elimination tournament in which you are given random cards and forced to duke it out with your friends. Dedicated servers allow for statistics and ratings to be calculated and tracked. Within the game itself there are new spells, enemies and ways to enjoy the game.

Why you should care

Few games within the genre can offer the progression, depth, or customization as Etherlords and at $4.99, you can hardly afford not to.

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