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Classic pea coat

The air is getting crisp, and the mornings are getting colder.  You need a go to coat.  This season it is the classic pea coat.  You may have one hiding in your closet from years past.  If you do, by all means dig it out and get a quick dry clean.  If you don't, there are some good and inexpensive options out there.  The other day when I was at Costco, yes Costco, they had them in both men's and women's for under $100.00.  This is a great wool coat you can go to all year long.  If you have browsed the malls you know that this is a great look for both men and women, classic and trendy all in the same coat.  Does the man in your life need a new coat too?  $100 too pricey?  Well you are in luck because I got my catalogs yesterday and you have a couple of other options in the $75 or lower range.  Chadwick's, and Victoria's Secret.  Both have great websites, and you can find a great classic go to coat at a reasonable price.  Those 2 catalogs however, only have women's coats.  Now the only big question you have is what color?  I myself go for the black or gray.  However, I do have to admit that a navy has peaked my interest too.  I think I may have to sneak back to Costco for another look.