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Classic party themes for children

Balloons, streamers and confetti are timeless birthday party classics!
Balloons, streamers and confetti are timeless birthday party classics!
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Remember your favorite party themes as a child? Well, kids still love them! Here is a list of 10 classic party themes sure to delight your child and their friends!

Clown around! Serve popcorn in red & white striped bins, cotton candy and hot dogs. Set up carnival games with prizes, such as: the ping pong ball toss, balloon darts and bottle-ring toss. Or, opt for Carnival Games for the Wii! Paint guests’ faces with designs and make balloon animals (or bring in a pro to help!). Be cautious with clowns…many children may be afraid of the entertainment…including the birthday child!

Roll invitations as a scroll: Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Princess (Birthday Girl) requests the presence of Princess (Guest) for the royal birthday celebration. Greet guests with crowns and wands. Make jewelry by threading Fruit Loops on tinsel pipe cleaners. Give jewels, necklaces and rings to guests as prizes.

Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A pirate’s life for me! Ask guests to wear white shirts and jeans. Greet guests with red sashes (just strips of red fabric), eye patches and pirate hats or scarves. Have guests walk the plank (a balance beam) and treasure hunt for gold doubloons.

Aloha! Greet guests with a lei when they arrive. Play limbo and beach blanket bingo Learn a hula dance and have a hula hoop contest. Decorate flip flops with adhesive jewels, flowers and ribbons. Serve fancy drinks with umbrellas. This theme also works great for a pool party!

Start your engines!  Decorate with black and white racing flags. Make guest pit passes for “your last name” Speedway with their name and photo (plastic badge sleeves and cords available at Staples). Have car races with a hot wheels track or rent a motorized car track (Uncle Jax Party Trax). Order racing trophies with guests names as favors.


Ready to Par-tea? Invite guests to come with a favorite doll or teddy bear. At the party, decorate straw hats with ribbons, pearls and flowers for each guest and mini-sizes hats for each doll. Serve mini sandwiches (cut with a cookie cutter), lemonade in teacups and cupcakes. This works well as an American Girl, Barbie or teddy bear themed party.

Yee-Ha! Give guests bandanas and sheriff badges when they arrive. Have relays with a pony on a stick, potato sack races, horseshoe competition and a lasso tournament (try to lasso a toy cow). Serve hamburgers, baked beans and corn on the cob.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite! Invite friends to come in their PJ’s and decorate pillowcases with fabric pens, enjoy pizza, popcorn and a movie! Make cootie catchers (fortune tellers) and play charades, balloon pop and freeze dance. Give overnight bags with personalized toothbrushes or other beauty supplies as favors. Too young for a sleepover? Not a problem! Have guests arrive in PJ’s and send them home before bedtime!

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  • Nifty 50’s: Have guests “shooby dooby” over in 50’s attire (jeans and white shirts are easy). Give guests sunglasses and pink scarves when they arrive. Have hula hoop, bubble gum blowing and freeze dance contests all to 50’s tunes.
  • Totally 80’s: Like, time for guests get out the Aquanet and legwarmers. Give guests jelly bracelets and neon sunglasses when they arrive. Go roller skating or have a dance party. Bring out those old mix tapes for some awesome 80’s tunes!

Ready to Rock? Ask guests to dress as rock stars. Make backstage passes (plastic badge sleeves and cords available at Staples). Sing Karaoke, compete in a Rock Band or Guitar Hero tournament and play freeze dance. Inflatable microphones and guitars make great decorations and favors.

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