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Classic Louisville musicians you should already know about


My Morning Jacket's album Z

Louisville has had many musicians and bands hit it big - here is some information and facts about some of them, randomly chosen. More articles will be posted about more musicians in the near future.

Bonnie “Prince” Billy/Will Oldham: Will Oldham was born in December of 1970, in Louisville, and is probably one of the most respected musicians to have come from Louisville. With a wide array of albums under his many monikers(including Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, Will Oldham, The Palace Brothers, and Palace Music), he has had quite a career in music - he is also known for taking the photograph from Slint’s famous Spiderland album - as well as in films, and is considered an established actor.
Perhaps best known for his 1999 I See A Darkness album, which would have a song covered by none other than Johnny Cash, Will Oldham’s most recent work is 2009's Beware album.

Slint: Although they didn’t have a very long life as a band, their body of work and influence make sure that Slint is not forgotten easily. Made up of Brian McMahan, David Pajo, and Britt Walford, with Todd Brashear and Ethan Buckler each joining in for an album, Slint was formed in Louisville in ‘86, and broke up in ‘92. They also joined back up for a couple live performances, throughout the years.
Their acclaimed 1991 album Spiderland is most likely their most famous work.

My Morning Jacket: My Morning Jacket consists of Carl Broemel, Jim James, Bo Koster, Tom Blankenship, and Patrick Hallahan, and was formed in Louisville in 1998. With a massive fan following, My Morning Jacket has gotten quite famous over the last few years, and has even been nominated for a Grammy for 2008's Evil Urges album. They often play local festivals, and come back to town for a gig or two every once in awhile. They have recently toured with Neil Young.
Evil Urges was released in 2008 to critical acclaim, and a live album, Celebracion de la Ciudad Natal was recently released as a Record Store Day special. No doubt that we should expect many more great things from these guys.

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