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Classic Films That Aren't 'The Quiet Man' for St Patrick's Day

According to John Ferguson, the former president of the Mark Heffernan Division of the Ancient Order of the Hibernians and Akron native, people get four-leaf clovers and shamrocks confused. The shamrock is not indigenous to the United States, and are often shipped from Ireland, whereas four-leaf clovers are indigenous and are found in the United States. It is good to know that a cultural myth could be clarified, just in time for St Patrick's Day.

Frank McHugh and James Cagney.
Frank McHugh and James Cagney.

Another myth that needs to be clarified is that 1952's The Quiet Man is not the only classic film about and in relation to Ireland that can be seen on this holiday. While it is the standby, here is a list of a few more classic films that need more clarified spotlight:

1. The Irish In Us(1935)- starring James Cagney, Pat O'Brien, and Olivia de Havilland. It is about an Irish American family. Pat O'Brien's character has a "real job" as a policeman, but Cagney's character wants to be a fighter, much to the behest of his mother(Mary Gordon). Olivia de Havilland plays Cagney's girlfriend.

2. Young Cassidy(1965)- starring Rod Taylor, Julie Christie, Maggie Smith, Michael Redgrave, and Edith Evans. It is about the early life of the playwright Sean O'Casey(Taylor). He experiences extreme poverty, has to look after his family, and journeys through the struggles of Irish life in early 20th century, including a tramway strike. In the meantime, he dawdles with a prostitute (Christie) until he falls for a bookshop assistant (Smith), who encourages him to write.

3. Finian's Rainbow (1968)- starring Fred Astaire and Petula Clark. It is about a mysterious Irish man (Astaire) and his daughter (Clark) who come to the fictional state of America called Missintucky to hide a pot of gold that he stole from a leprechaun, and it turns into a fantastical statement on the state of America and civil rights.

4. My Left Foot(1989)- starring Daniel Day-Lewis, Brenda Fricker, Cyril Cusack, and Fiona Shaw. It tells the life story of Christy Brown, who grows up in Dublin with celebral palsey, and whose mother (Fricker) believes the best in him as he deals with life's adversities that in turn, make him a prolific writer. Lewis won his first of three Best Actor Oscars for this performance.

5. In The Name Of The Father (1993)- starring Daniel Day-Lewis, Emma Thompson, and Pete Postlewaite. It is about the true story of Gerry Conlon who was accused of and convicted of an IRA bombing he didn't commit and his father, whom he does not get along with, gets convicted with him. The film just turned twenty last year and well worth the look.

Happy St Patrick's Day!

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