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Classic Cut-Outs are the Focus for Spring 2014

Cut-Outs and Shoulder-Free are the Spring Focus
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

The focus for Spring 2014 appears to be above the waist for day and evening wear. While most of us have careers where the shoulder-free look does not bode well in the office, this look is sizzling for evenings out and about town. Whether in dynamic black-an all time favorite for evening-wear to the pretty pastels or the bold jewel tones, if skin is exposed somewhere on top, you are definitely styling it right for 2014. And you look wonderful!

The glamorous look of a shoulder-less dress, jumpsuit (yes -they are hot once again), or casual top for the weekends is a popular trend and Austinites are showing this look throughout the city. The top can be cropped and have cut-outs in the back, in the front or both and the tunic tops are highlighting a split back that opens and swings with your every movement.

"It's getting to be that time of year in Central Texas when the weather is 75 degrees or more and we are as certain as we can be that Spring is here to stay for a while. And then we have Summer for several months where the temperatures are well over 90 degrees. Why not bare some skin? It looks great when worn correctly and at the right times and most top designers are using these silhouettes," explains Susan Weissmer, a personal styling consultant for several boutiques throughout Austin, San Antonio, and Georgetown.

Walking anywhere in Austin is always a pleasure; as usual I make my trip to the UT area to see what is going on there. And the cut-outs are everywhere. The designs are all over-showing skin from the shoulder to the waist and attention is definitely on the back as well. Swing tops with opened backs are a popular choice and the UT students are loving the look. "It's not only the most comfortable top, but the versatility is phenomenal. I can layer it, wear it as is and the cotton fabric and opened back doesn't make me sweat. It's a refreshing look and I feel great-comfort-wise and style-wise," says Amy Collaway, a Junior at UT.

I notice bright colors and see a number of cropped tops that are shoulder-free. Baring stomachs that are already tan, the look is stunning. Walking over to several women on campus, I want to know what they love about the cut-outs. Shennadoah Williams details the looks."Instead of cut-offs, we love the cut-outs. It is something a bit different for most of us. The opened back look is something that was trending last year but I still love the look. The newer styles are shoulder-free and we can wear it here on campus with jeans. Most of the time, I wear my cut-outs after class or on the weekends. I think I have just about every style that has a cut-out-either in front, cropped tops that show my stomach, and cut outs in back." Williams explains that colors and prints are both equally popular.

Walking on SoCo, my fashion senses are on overload. Cut outs are taking over the streets of Austin. The elegant shoulder-free tops look wonderful when paired with blue jeans-skinny or boyfriend jeans. And many of the prints being showcased are funky floral brights that look great with white jeans or shorts. Weissmer sums it up rather well. "We all want a new look to add to our wardrobe. It is refreshing and makes us feel new-just like Spring. The cut-out look is showing up more and more depending on which city you are in. For evening-wear, cuts outs are popular in dresses and jumpsuits. And the shoulder-free look is not leaving the fashion scene for a while. Women of all ages are loving the look. It is classic, timeless, sexy and fun. What more could we ask for?"

Yes- what more could we ask for-the malls all over the city from The Domain to Barton Creek to SoCo and boutiques near UT are telling us to buy one or two cut outs this Spring. Shoulder- free for the evening in black is a must have and the opened swing back is great for layering or just letting the Texas breeze cool you off from the sun. If you can, buy one in a print too. The look is fun, flattering and a winner on the fashion front. And you will look and feel beautiful! Enjoy the Spring and buy some cut-outs. It's addicting; I have to go now. I just passed by a sizzling shoulder-free black dress that is on my must have list. Time to go shopping and bare some skin. Join the cut-out movement. You will be glad you did.

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