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Classic car insurance Gilbert AZ:


If you own a street rod, an antique, a high performance exotic, or a muscle car, you should consider a classic car insurance policy. If your household and your vehicle qualify, you could save a bundle of money over a conventional auto insurance policy.

In order to obtain a classic car insurance policy, your household must qualify. The car in question should be strictly pleasure use and  be an additional car in the household. For instance, if there are two drivers in the household, each driver should have a regular use vehicle as well as the classic car. One of the regular use vehicles must have physical damage coverage (comp & collision) and be a fairly new car. All drivers on a classic car policy are required to have at least 10 years of driving experience with minimal activity on the driving record, and drivers with less than 10 years experience are excluded from coverage.

Here are the vehicles that could qualify for a classic car policy:

Exotic: Vehicle is 14 years old or less, be a luxury performance car, considered collectible, and be appreciating in value.
Modifieds: At least 20 years old or a replica of a vehicle 20 years or older. Extensive mechanical or cosmetic alterations.
Classics: 15 to 24 years old in its original or close to original condition.
Antiques: Must be 25 years or older and in original or close to original condition. This includes muscle cars.

Depending on the amount of coverage requested, a recent apparaisal might be in order, and full color photographs of all four sides are required for all vehicles.

If you meet these qualifications, and you have a high value collectible car, you will be surprised by the premiums you will save!


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