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Classic arcade character appears in popular Radio Shack Super Bowl spot

The on-field action and the hyped commercial breaks of the Super Bowl have come to an end. One of the commercial spots for the big game almost featured a friend from a classic game.

The iconic Q*bert appears in the extended version of Radio Shack's Super Bowl ad
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Radio Shack featured a variety of 1980s pop culture icons in it's Feb. 2 commercial spot, including Hulk Hogan, ALF, Twisted Sister and Mary Lou Retton. Cut from the broadcast version of the commercial was a brief cameo by Q*bert, the protagonist from the 1982 arcade classic video game.

An extended version of the commercial has now become available online, allowing fans of the retro video game hit to see Q*bert's cut appearance, hopping on a pile of outdated electronics merchandise in a clip with John Ratzenberger as classic Cheers character Cliff Clavin.

While not often considered on the same pop culture level as other 80s arcade hits such as Pac-Man, Frogger and Donkey Kong, this commercial marks just one of Q*bert's media cameos in recent years. He has also appeared in episodes of FOX series Family Guy and hit Disney film Wreck-It Ralph. Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel also featured the original arcade game in a monologue last year after gaming champ George Leutz set a new world record score.

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