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Classes and activities abound in West Lafayette part 2

Explore the town!
Explore the town!
West Lafayette recreation guide

Still looking for the perfect activity or learning experience? Never fear because the Examiner has plenty of options left for you! Education and personal growth don't stop at your school, place of work or your home. The Lafayette and West Lafayette community has embraced a spirit of learning that has turned the area into a true Hoosier jewel.

Would you be interested in combining the practices of meditation, exercise, self-defense and self-healing? Maybe you would take to the Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong class. This ancient Chinese art form is a combination of deep breathing techniques and flowing movements where repetition can lead to better mobility and balance. It inspires a sense of quiet and calm. A great example of Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong is Ba Duan Jin (8 Pieces of Brocade). This beginner class teaches a great warm-up calisthenics routine that can be combined with other exercise programs. It's a system of eight moves/stretches that decrease stress and increase mobility. There are many different classes to try. If you're interested; contact instructor Nancy M. VanDoren, OTR at 296-7602. Remember to bring loose-fitting clothes and flexible shoes.

Looking for something classy? Want an excuse to wear a fancy suit or pretty dress? Then you may want to waltz your way down to the Morton Center for a Ballroom Dancing class! There are beginner, intermediate and advanced classes. The course covers everything from Fox Trot to the Salsa. They even offer a beginner Swing Dancing class. No partner is required; contact Jessica Nugent at 807-6407 for more information. Everyone can dance, so try-out; even if you think you have two left feet.

One of the benefits of having such an international community in the Greater Lafayette area is that skills, opportunities and teachers come from all corners of the world and that mark is left here. So keep watching as the Examiner reveals more and more secrets about the town we know and love.