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Classes and activities abound in West Lafayette part 1

Look for fun and education!
Look for fun and education!
West Lafayette Recreation Guide.

There is always something to do in Lafayette and West Lafayette. It doesn't matter if you're young or old because options for fun and learning are overflowing at different locations throughout the area.

Interested in fitness? There are plenty of paths to take.

Nancy Edwards, a registered nurse, hosts the Young at Heart Senior Aerobics class. This total exercise program is designed for older adults and provides low impact exercise to increase flexibility, strengthen muscles and enhance coordination. The participants make use of free weights in their routines. The class is also a great opportunity for socialization. For more information call Nancy Edwards at 463-3282.

Looking to balance your inner energy? Try Tai Chi Chuan at the Morton Center. Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese internal martial art that is often practiced for health reasons. This workshop focuses on principles and practice methods that everyone (from beginners to the experienced) can benefit from. Instructor David McCain leads with root practices (the foundation of all Tai Chi movements) which balances energy and body mechanics. The class starts on April 3rd, contact David McCain at 765-564-2258 for more information.

Do you want to relax and restore your mind, spirit and beauty? Try the Morton Center's Aroma Relaxation classes. The course is taught by Zimfira Madan, an aroma relaxation therapist and reflexologist, who is a holistic practitioner with a medical background. The students will use aromatherapy, music therapy, foot reflexology, breathing techniques and facial/scalp massage to create a peaceful and calm body/spirit. For more information call Zimfira Madan at 765-497-0619. Remember to dress comfortably!

These examples are only the first drops in the bucket.  Fun and education are words and ideals to live by in Lafayette and West Lafayette. Exercise, dancing, art, sports and community are there for everybody. You just have to know where to look!


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