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Clarification on pit bull rescued from Prince William County Animal Shelter

Devon leaving the shelter
Devon leaving the shelter
Facebook: Stephanie Ingle

This is an update on Devon, who because of an unfortunate turn of events found himself at a guaranteed adoption county animal shelter in need of rescue.

When the original Examiner article was published yesterday, I had little to go on except by those who were trying to get Devon out of Prince William County Animal Shelter.

Todd Williams, who had helped Devon in the past, is very involved in saving animals from the high-kill shelter in Greenville, SC. He, along with the rest of us who became involved, were once again trying to save this sweet dog.

Somehow information got crossed and we all believed Devon only had until February 9, or he could face euthanasia. This led to several concerned dog lovers contacting PWCAS, who also came away confused.

I have communicated by email with Officer Jonathan L. Perok of the Prince William Police Department, who has enlightened me on what a wonderful shelter they have. He stated to me, as well as on their Facebook page

"Healthy and treatable dogs are put up for adoption and are not euthanized to make space available, which makes us an adoption guarantee shelter. And Devon was not seized, he was forfeited, we have corrected our post. Regardless, Devon was never going to be euthanized."

The confusion of the information released over the phone is explained as sometimes those who volunteer at the shelter aren't as informed as the regular staff, and that they will work on that issue so it's not repeated. Devon was never at risk.

I would like to hear more about how this shelter is able to save so many. Especially since the shelter in my area, despite the caring people who work there, is considered high-kill.

I apologize for any confusion this article has caused. It did accomplish it's goal. Devon was rescued by Stephanie Ingle, Christies Jenkins and Liz Booth on Saturday, and is now in foster care.

Todd received dozens of emails and messages from people offering help. The situation with Devon has shown just how devoted animal lovers are, and how we can all come together to save them. One life at a time.

Prince William, I apologize for any confusion. If you ever have need of an article on your shelter, or in getting help with an animal in your care, please email me at I'm here to help.

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