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Clare Foley talks playing young Piper Chapman in 'Orange Is The New Black'

Clare Foley talks playing young Piper Chapman in 'Orange Is The New Black'
Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Disney

Actress Clare Foley plays young Piper Chapman in season two of the Netflix show "Orange Is The New Black." We spoke with the actress at the New York premiere on May 15, 2014. Read our exclusive interview with Clare below.

How did you get involved with the show?

Well, actually I originally auditioned for a different part that was not Piper. And they said, “you’re perfect for Piper, come in tomorrow and audition for Piper." And I auditioned and I booked the part.

Did you get to meet Taylor Schilling?

Yeah, I got to meet her one day on set even though I was not in any of the scenes with her I still got to meet her so that was fun.

What do we see young Piper do?

Yeah well you see Piper more of a daddy’s girl, like a good girl. And you see some of her friends doing some naughty things but she just tries to stay grounded.

What else are you working on?

Well actually right now I’m shooting a movie called “The Great Gilly Hopkins” so you can look for that in the near future.

What is that about?

Well it is about a orphan who is portrayed by Sophie Nelisse from “The Book Thief” and she’s kind of searching for her mother and she becomes taken from this foster mother and she keeps struggling and I play her best friend.

Sophie was great in “The Book Thief.”

Yeah she’s very sweet. We’re having lots of fun.

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