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Clare Crawley's 'Bachelor' intro : I fell for Juan Pablo Galavis' 'bulls**t'

Clare Crawley made sure to give Juan Pablo Galavis another diss when she did her introduction for the "Bachelor" spin-off show "Bachelor in Paradise," which premieres Monday, August 4. As shown on Entertainment Weekly article posted on Friday, August 1, Clare's introduction makes clear that she still thinks that Juan Pablo is full of it.

Clare Crawley Visits EXTRA at Westfield Century City on April 16, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.
Photo by David Buchan

Clare's introduction for the spin-off shows her walking around her home city of Sacramento and talking to the camera from her apartment. She says that people will remember her as "the girl who fell for Juan Pablo's bulls**t." The clip then cuts a scene from "The Bachelor" in which Juan Pablo tenderly wipes a tear away from Clare's face and tells her not to cry.

The clip resumes to Clare in Sacramento talking about how being in St. Lucia for the finale taught her how to finally stand up for herself. It then cuts to her final scene with Juan Pablo in which she rejects Juan Pablo's touch after he breaks up with her and angrily tells him that she would never want a man like him as the father of her children before storming off. The clip finishes with Clare in Sacramento talking about how that was the first time she stood up to a man in her life and how incredible it felt.

Clare concludes her intro by saying that going on the spin-off show is a risk but she knows that she's a strong woman who can take things. She notes that she still believes that love is out there for her.

While Juan Pablo's critics would probably love to see this intro play on air, Entertainment Weekly states that Clare's intro is a "deleted clip." It's not clear whether only the part in which Clare talks about Juan Pablo's "bulls**t" won't be shown or if producers decided to scrap the entire thing and have Clare do another whole intro. It's also not clear what the reasoning for deleting the clip is. Perhaps the show's producers decided that they didn't want to remind viewers of Juan Pablo?

While it remains to be seen whether Clare Crawley finds love on "Bachelor in Paradise," she at least found true friendship. Fellow contestant Lacy Faddoul, who also competed for Juan Pablo Galavis, recently posted a photo of her and Clare, the caption for which states that she's thankful for their friendship that came out of the show.

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